Wixted & Company’s videos create an effective way for our clients to share key messages to the people who need to hear them the most. From company overview and executive highlight videos to product launch and informational business productions and everything in between, we work with clients to develop videos that resonate with their key stakeholders.

As communication strategists and messaging experts, our videos combine strong visual appeal with a well-crafted message that aligns with your organizational objectives. Our video services help clients accomplish their business goals.

Our team, working closely with each client, takes the video process from concept to completion, developing a script, storyboard and visual theme. We then pair those elements with talented videographers and producers to create high-quality videos in multiple formats.

Video Scripting

The Wixted team will work with you to determine the script and overall video concept. Our experienced team is extremely creative and delivers unique, memorable and effective concepts to final products.

Location Shoot & B-Roll

Filming for key interviews, introduction and voice-overs are scheduled at a convenient time and location for your spokesperson and leaders. The Wixted video team will provide the location scout, filming setup, video recording, lighting, sound, teleprompter and direction. B-roll will be filmed at identified locations and coordinated with your team.

Lighting & Staging

Our audio and visual experts don’t leave anything to chance – they want you looking your best. We’ll help get the lighting and surroundings just right so as to not be a distraction, and ensure your message really shines through.

Live & Pre-Recorded Video

Our experts have extensive experience in both live and pre-recorded video and have the know-how to prepare and execute, in any situation. Whether the final product is meant to be shared in a presentation, on the web or via television, you can trust Wixted & Company to create a video that will not only impress your audience – but deliver your message in a relatable and visually engaging way.


We create original graphics and film relevant B-roll to showcase your message. Stock images and graphics are used only when necessary. We prefer to incorporate your images, logos and existing corporate B-roll when available and possible.

Contact Us to Discuss Video Post Production & Video Production Services

If you are interested in Wixted’s video services give us a call at 515-226-0818 or send us your contact info.