Communication Strategy & Writing

Successful companies understand the importance that strategic communication plays in helping them achieve their goals. Strategic communications is more than public relations – it is a focused, defined effort to communicate to both internal and external audiences, with an understanding that each stakeholder group plays an important role in gaining buy-in, instilling trust and advancing an organization’s mission.

We are experts at helping brands share their stories with external audiences – including customers, partners and the media. We do this through developing a strong communication strategy and actionable plan, supported by a mix of messaging and tactics to ensure that the information shared resonates with targeted external audiences.

At the same time, we counsel brands on internal communication strategies, as internal support is essential to drive initiatives, prepare for growth and manage change from an operational perspective. Delivering on your promise to customers is the most important goal you have – and your employees are the only way you can meet that goal. That makes internal communication one of the most important focus areas for today’s top companies and leaders. Our relationship begins with a discovery conversation about issues and evolves into unique, tailored strategy and counsel supported by comprehensive strategic communication plans to accomplish business goals.

Why is Communication Strategy Important?

Not all businesses have a communication plan that supports the business plan. Communication plans are essential because they help to engage, inform and motivate key stakeholders; they also help build goodwill and prepare organizations to communicate effectively in times of crisis.

Strategic Communication Plans

When your organization needs to communicate about important successes, operational changes or industry issues, our team is on hand to develop a tailored communication plan that will educate and inform your most important stakeholders. Whether employees, board members, customers or others, a strategic communication plan and approach, along with consistent messaging and pre-approved tactics can be essential to successfully advancing an issue forward.

These actionable communication plans include a detailed analysis of key stakeholders and custom communication materials including news releases, media advisories, holding statements, message narratives, talking points, timetables and more. We believe developing a strong, strategic partnership with our clients is essential to creating and executing a plan that generates results.

Internal Communication

Employees are the driving force in delivering your brand promise to customers. Once considered a secondary audience, focusing on employee communication and sharing the why (along with the how) is how successful companies set themselves apart today.

So much organizational effort goes into hiring and retaining employees, engaging with them through various communications channels must be central to your communications strategy. Whether you are building advocates, testing messaging or creating a feedback loop for issues, the experts at Wixted & Company will help you craft the right message to reach your employees and help them feel connected to your company’s initiatives so you’re all working toward the same goals.

Communication Deliverables

When communicating about an important event or issue, companies often find the need for communication expertise or capacity outside of their internal teams. Our team of public relations and communications experts partner with your internal teams to provide guidance or to complete work as necessary. Working together, we will develop communication vehicles such as opinion editorials, guest articles, newsletter stories, website copy, media relations policies, and fact sheets, as well as prepare succinct message points to provide consistency across multiple information channels and communication platforms.

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