Case Studies

Our team of trusted advisors uses the power and influence of communication – through strategic counsel, crisis communication, internal communication, media relations, and training and video services – to develop a tailored, integrated strategy for the unique needs of the client. The case studies featured here serve as a medium to display the results our team will help you achieve.

Crisis Communication Plan Development | Insurance

A leading provider of insurance solutions nationally sought a partner to develop its first-ever crisis communication plan. As an organization, several disparate documents already existed (e.g., business continuity plans, a data breach plan and Human Resources process and procedures). However, there was little awareness among employees on what served as the “source of truth.” Leadership needed to refine and enhance aspects of their crisis preparedness protocols to better protect their people and the business. 

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Issues Management Communication | Energy

In 2012, the east coast of the United States was hit with a series of devastating weather events, including Superstorm Sandy, multiple ice storms and other winter weather issues. The company was inundated with complaints about outages, compounded by a lack of cohesive communication to explain the situation and update customers accordingly.

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Issues Management Communication | Health Care

Wixted & Company engaged with a family-owned company specializing in contracted medical billing. When financial irregularities were discovered, an investigation began that ultimately uncovered a scheme perpetrated by a former employee to embezzle company funds. The internal and external communication around this incident would be critical to maintaining the integrity of the company’s brand and reputation, as well as keeping employees informed and successfully maintaining client relationships.

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