Nuclear & Energy

Two-thirds of the nation’s commercially owned and operated nuclear plants rely on Wixted & Company to provide communication strategy, counsel and writing, communication training, drilling, mock media simulation exercises and hands-on crisis management for their JIC teams, spokespersons and corporate leadership. Whether corrosion in a reactor head, tritium in a local water source, or an unscheduled outage, we have the experience to prepare our clients for anything. We also work with and provide training to numerous utilities across the U.S.

Our nuclear and drilling exercises have been called “frighteningly realistic,” and teach teams to communicate effectively, respond to rumors and build trust with key stakeholders – even in the face of a rate-hike, unscheduled shutdown, equipment failure or hostile action-based crisis. Participants learn to quickly navigate the communications, operational, emotional and financial demands required to manage issues in the energy field.

Wixted & Company’s intimate understanding of this intensely regulated industry uniquely qualifies us to deliver tailored communication strategy, counsel and writing, which may include an issue management plan, news release and talking points for a specific incident, or a crisis communication plan. These documents are essential to have at-the-ready in case the unexpected occurs. Our nuclear and energy team has years of experience in dealing with the technical communication aspects that make energy communication unique, and a successful track record of helping companies prepare for venues such as public hearings and NRC evaluated exercises.