Healthcare: Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals, Long-term Care Facilities & National Networks 

The health care communication environment is in constant change — mirroring the ever-changing regulations and programs. Since 1989, our team has worked alongside health care providers and networks of all sizes to address diverse communication issues such as physician reimbursement, medication errors, wrong-site surgery, government regulations, care for the uninsured and underserved, nursing shortages, organized social media attacks and executive compensation issues, to name a few. 

As a recognized leader in health care communication, Eileen Wixted previously served as Interim Vice President of Corporate Communications and Government Relations for Illinois’ largest health care system. Today, Wixted & Company supports over 400 health care providers as they navigate continually changing regulations and higher expectations from patients, community members, employees, legislators and others. 

Whatever your audience – from board members to national news media – our real-life training programs with on-camera interviews equip executives, board members, physicians and spokespersons to communicate clear and consistent messages that instill public confidence and trust. We draw upon our finely-tuned expertise and extensive understanding of the health care industry and regulatory environment to provide real-life scenarios in our training, which includes hands-on practice, coaching and candid critique in a positive environment. 

With more accountability being placed on health care providers than ever before, being able to communicate effectively is no longer a choice—it is a necessity. Wixted & Company addresses the full range of communication needs, including strategy and counsel, writing, issue and crisis communication management planning, stakeholder engagement and media training.