Media & Trade Media Relations

The media can be a key player in determining the success of a company in the court of public opinion. It’s not enough to have a complete strategic communications plan and talking points if you’re unable to disseminate your message to the intended audience. An effective way to reach a wide audience is via the media.

The public relations professionals at Wixted & Company can help you develop and then deliver your message, using the power and influence of the media. We provide tailored plans focused on generating positive news and pre-empting negative news; we help determine what is news and how to position opportunities; and we pitch and secure placements on a local, regional and national level.

We know from experience what makes news – including what type of information producers and reporters want and what format will catch their attention. Our team has the existing relationships necessary to pitch and secure media opportunities in markets across the country.

What is Media Relations?

Media relations involves establishing relationships with relevant media outlets and leveraging those relationships to gain traction for your key messages. The media can be a key player in determining the success of a company in the court of public opinion. A strategic media relations plan will help you achieve your goals.

Press Releases

Today’s media world is not the world of last year, last week or even yesterday. Our team of PR experts can help your organization develop press releases, media advisories and other materials to help you get and hold the media’s attention.

Media Pitching

Our public relations team, many of whom worked in television in the past, have the knowledge and skills to make effective, tailored pitches that get results to local, regional and national media outlets. With the constant flow of information, it’s not good enough to simply send an email. We’ll work with you to craft custom content that ties into topics of interest in the current media cycle. Then we’ll take the detailed knowledge we have of your business and industry to connect directly with members of the media who are covering news related to your business, sharing your unique angle and working to line up an opportunity.

Industry & Trade Media Relations

Our team of media relations experts have cultivated deep relationships with trade associations, industry publications and niche technical outlets that support clients across a variety of markets. Unlike mainstream media, trade media outlets are extremely detailed in covering narrow topics for a specific audience of professionals. We work hand-in-hand with subject matter experts to develop, pitch and place content within trade outlets that will have the biggest impact on their business. Whether it is new product information or a thought leadership piece from your executive team, Wixted can find the right outlet and format to share your news and highlight your brand in the industry and beyond.

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