Recessions, disruptions, supply chain issues, employee safety, market downtrends – when it comes to the manufacturing industry, the pressures for business leaders are endless. The Wixted & Company team sees these unique challenges as opportunities as we help manufacturing clients develop solid communication strategy and plans before disruptions occur. We then work to train leadership and spokespeople to effectively navigate a complex landscape.

Whether it’s effective internal communication strategies or high-stake crisis communications, Wixted has successfully navigated these issues before, and stand ready to help in any situation that arises.

The Importance of PR for Manufacturing

Communication is essential in manufacturing, as it is an industry dealing with constant change – whether the organization is noticing a shift in supply chain, COVID-19, product availability, workforce notifications/shortage, etc.. Through the development of clear, consistent and deliberate strategic communication, manufacturers ensure that their stakeholders – both internal and external – are receiving the essential information to keep their business running smoothly.

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