Incident & Crisis Communication Management, Planning & Training

In a crisis, time is of the essence, information is scarce, emotions are high and the need to make sound decisions can become the difference between continued operations and failure to lead. While crises can be unique to organizations, the environment a crisis creates for an organization is very much the same – and can leave even the most seasoned communicators with a lack of understanding or a path forward.

Sometimes, crises unfold in an instant, and sometimes there are clear warning signs in the weeks and months leading up to them. In either case, the speed with which you are expected to respond is at an all-time high. With social media, instant access to information – factual or not – and today’s cancel-culture mentality, you need experts on hand to help you plan communication strategies for incidents before they happen, manage communications during an event and work with you to quickly recover afterward.

Wixted & Company uses our crisis communication services to create a culture of crisis readiness, preparing leaders and organizations with crisis communication processes, pre-developed communication tactics and messaging and training to advance decision making in a realistic environment. We also assist clients in real time, as crises unfold, to ensure that organizations have the understanding and insight necessary to communicate with confidence and instill trust.

Active Incident & Crisis Communication Management

Our team partners with you during high-risk, low-frequency events, when it is essential that the strategy and messaging are developed and executed correctly. During an active situation, Wixted works with clients in the moment to assess the evolving situation, provide communication strategy, develop messaging and action plans, and prep leaders to communicate. From hostile television interviews to print reporter calls, internal town halls to stakeholder meetings, our team has the knowledge and experience to position your organization in a way that protects your brand and reputation.

Our crisis response team has more than three decades of experience in handling a variety of situations, ranging from wrong-site surgery to corrosion on a nuclear reactor and nearly everything in between. Working alongside leadership, we assess the situation, provide counsel in-line with existing business plans, and develop a communication strategy to ensure an organization’s voice remains authentic through a crisis situation.

What is Crisis Communication?

Crisis communication is the public communication response to a crisis situation. Organizations have an operational and communication response to any event, and both are important to establishing credibility and maintaining public trust. Operations leads communications, and our team works with leaders to ensure accuracy, empathy and action in an organization’s response.

Crisis Communication Planning

The best way to manage a crisis situation is to have a well thought out, actionable plan. We partner with organizations to develop a culture of crisis communication readiness – planning and preparing for the eventual situation any and all companies may face. We do this through developing crisis communication plans that act as a playbook when the unexpected happens. Spending time with your leadership team to determine issues and risks, we put together an actionable communication plan that will lead an organization through a crisis. Elements include the communication strategy and approach, protocol, compelling message narrative, pre-approved holding statements for a variety of scenarios, and numerous communication tools to further assist you.

Crisis Communication Drills & Training  

Real-world practice is essential to creating a culture of crisis communication readiness. In today’s media environment, you must be able to lead through a crisis with strong communication when clear thinking is difficult. Our Crisis Communication Training programs include message strategy and media interview exercises that stress test your team. Tailored tabletop scenarios set the scene to simulate an unfolding crisis in your organization. A mock crisis reveals your organization’s level of preparedness and can expose the vulnerabilities, allowing the team to assess and prepare. Participants will leave with the skills and confidence needed to build trust and credibility when they are needed most.

Sensing & Issues Management

In most cases, a number of factors occur before a crisis unfolds. Organizations who encourage issue identification among their teams, and plan for resolution, are often able to manage crises down to lower-risk events. Our issues sensing process and issues management plans contain proactive strategies and tools for teams to use in identifying and managing issues before they escalate. By prioritizing and addressing process and policy items around managing issues, Wixted & Company can help organizations create awareness, identify problem areas and plan for and ultimately positively impact public perceptions advancing your organization’s success.

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