Wixted & Company serves clients across numerous business sectors and around the globe – from small and growing businesses to Fortune 50 multinational companies. In each case, we help organizations, executives, leaders and spokespeople to become more skilled and strategic communicators. We partner with organizations to build and protect their brand, reputation and market share. Our strategy, writing and counsel helps all of our clients – no matter the business or industry – succeed in communicating effectively.

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with a diversified client base. Industries include, but are not limited to: Agribusiness, Arts, Association and non-profit, Athletics, Finance and Insurance, Food and Food Processing, Health Care, Health and Wellness, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Nuclear and Energy, Pensions, Real Estate, Retail and Transportation.

Through our work, we have developed a recognized expertise in several of the industries listed above – each having unique nuances, communication challenges and opportunities that we have come to understand clearly and navigate skillfully. We work with many clients in our specialty areas, which include: Nuclear and Energy, Health Care, Agribusiness, Finance and Insurance.