Finance & Insurance

From communications strategy to media relations and effective communication training, Wixted & Company has been advising financial and insurance leaders for decades and helping public and private companies become a positive presence on a regional and national stage. 

Leaders turn to Wixted & Company for expertise in how best to tell their story to targeted stakeholders. Our team members are focused on supporting a company’s business goals, while communicating a clear and compelling message. With our proven depth of understanding around corporate initiatives, public perception and the need for brand recognition and customer retention, we make an ideal partner in times of both crisis and celebration. 

Our team of consultants and trainers provides results-oriented communication plans filled with strategies and tangible tactics to help achieve business goals. Whether announcing an acquisition or rate change, positioning thought leaders or managing communication about an important new product release, our team has the skills, expertise and writing strength to help your organization thrive. Through our effective communication training, leadership and spokespeople gain the skills to speak comfortably in front of the media, regulators, investors and customers while supporting organizational goals and driving growth initiatives.

What is the Value of PR to Financial Institutions?

Financial and insurance institutions find themselves in the headlines for both positive and negative issues. Understanding how to navigate the information needs of customers, boards, employees, media, regulators, and the public while remaining focused on a company’s business goals is key to maintaining credibility and market position.

Wixted & Company prepares financial and insurance organizations to deliver clear, strategic messages that help boost their credibility and position in the marketplace.

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