Finance & Insurance

As natural and economic crises have impacted our nation and world, financial institutions, mortgage lenders and insurance carriers have been thrust into the media limelight. Increasingly, they need to respond to agitated customers, boards and even protests, as well as media inquiries related to lending practices, cyber-security breaches and more. Wixted & Company prepares financial and insurance service organizations to deliver clear, strategic messages that help boost their credibility and position in the marketplace.

Whether yours is a small, local firm or a Fortune 500 company, Wixted & Company understands your industry and the regulations that govern it. That understanding enables our team of consultants and trainers to provide results-oriented crisis communication plans, strategies and effective communication training. CEOs, leadership and spokespeople will gain the skills to speak comfortably in front of the media, regulators and customers while supporting organizational goals and driving business results.

What is the Value of PR to Financial Institutions?

Financial institutions find themselves in the headlines for both positive and negative issues. Understanding how to navigate the information needs of customers, boards, media, government, the public and other stakeholders while remaining focused on your business goals is key to maintaining credibility and market position.

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