Media Relations

We know from experience what makes the media tick – including what type of information they want, what format will catch their attention, and the industry understanding and language to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise.

Media Relations Plans

The media can be a key player in determining the success of a company in the court of public opinion. Stay ahead of the curve with a tailored media relations plan focused on generating positive news, building goodwill with key stakeholders or pre-empting negative news.

Press Releases

Today’s media world is not the world of last year, last week or even yesterday. Our team of public relations professionals can help your organization develop press releases, media advisories and other materials to help you get and hold the media’s attention.

Media Pitching

Our public relations professionals many of whom worked in television in the past, have the knowledge and skills to make effective, tailored pitches to local and national media outlets that will get results. We have what it takes to get traction for your messaging.