Employee Spotlight: Kristie Bell, Strategic Communication Director

February 9, 2023

Kristie has been part of the Wixted team since 2019 and enjoys being an extension of her clients’ teams and meeting communication challenges head-on. You can learn more about Kristie's professional background here.   

Why do you love working with Wixted clients?

I am a relationship builder and feel fortunate to have developed a great rapport with my clients, some of whom I have worked with for the past three years since joining Wixted & Company. I feel like an extension of their teams, helping them achieve their communication and business goals by providing strategic counsel and communications support – and sharing some personal connections along the way.  

What are some trending topics that companies should be prepared for or know more about? 

Trust continues to be at the forefront of what both customers and job - seekers are looking for from companies. Organizations that use consistent, open and honest communication – both internally and externally - build trust over time, which creates a foundation of goodwill when issues arise. Those organizations are given more leeway to make it right when things go wrong. Companies who choose not to communicate regularly and then face an issue may find that both employees and customers will more quickly turn their backs in the face of a storm. 

When you aren’t assisting Wixted clients, where would you be?

In the winter, I tend to hibernate, and you can find me curled up with a book in front of the fireplace with my dog, Jagger, next to me! In the warmer months, I’m more active and love to take long walks, attend concerts and music festivals, and read books … outside.