Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Davis, Communication Advisor

February 3, 2023

Chelsea has been part of the Wixted team since 2022 and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their strategic communication goals. You can learn more about Chelsea’s professional background here.   

How many years have you worked in the communications and public relations industry?

12 years

Why do you love working with Wixted clients?

I started out as a newspaper reporter, transitioned to higher education communications, received a master’s degree in journalism, and last fall landed at Wixted & Co. My background gives me great insight into the media landscape. No two workdays are the same at Wixted & Co. thanks to our variety of clients, which means my job is ever-changing and exciting.

What are some trending topics that companies should be prepared for or know more about? 

Companies need to be thoughtful about their diversity, equity and inclusion practices and communications. It is too easy to regurgitate buzzwords without action to back it up. To make meaningful change, consumers need to see action behind your words. These conversations are uncomfortable – and that’s not a bad thing. Discomfort is necessary to allow for growth personally and as an organization.

When you aren’t assisting Wixted clients, where would you be?

Lately, life outside of work involves trying new restaurants and watching movies and shows with my fiancé Brandon (I always have an “Always Sunny” reference), planning our wedding, snuggling my dog Stella, and hanging out with friends and family.