Employee Spotlight: Anthony Caligiuri, Audio Visual Lead

July 20, 2023

Anthony has been part of the Wixted team since 2019 and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their audio-visual goals. You can learn more about Anthony’s professional background here

Why do you love working with Wixted clients?

Each video project is unique and offers a new set of exciting challenges. Whether it is shooting a video of company leaders, editing a promotional reel, or assisting on client trainings—no two days are alike. When I can help create a memorable project that we and our clients can be proud of, then I’ve done my job. 

What are some trending topics that companies should be prepared for or know more about? 

Video is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world—but you are also competing for people’s time and attention. If somebody doesn’t like what they are watching, they immediately find something else. It is our job to get your message across not only in an interesting way, but quickly as well. We recognize this and offer clients various solutions for short-form media production. 

When you aren’t assisting Wixted clients, where would you be?

Hanging out with friends and family—while traveling, cheering on the Hawkeyes or enjoying a good meal. But most days you can find me working on a home project and spending time with my wife, Mackenzy, and daughter, Ellie.