Eileen Wixted Joins STARK INTEGRITY Podcast to Discuss Issues and Crises Response in the Healthcare Industry

February 23, 2024

Eileen Wixted was recently a guest on the Stark Integrity podcast with Bob Wade, a nationally recognized speaker and attorney. During the episode, Eileen walks the audience through the definition of a crisis, the ways healthcare crises have evolved over time, and how professionals in the industry can create effective crisis communication strategies. Specifically, Eileen and Bob discuss the importance of clearly defining communication goals, the benefits of being proactive versus reactive, and how to build trust with stakeholders through strategic communication.

Listen to the full episode for additional insights that can help you and your company the next time you encounter an issue or crisis. 

‎Stark Integrity: Crisis Communication Management in Healthcare: A Discussion with Eileen Wixted from Wixted & Co. on Apple Podcasts