LEAD the slide, don't READ it!

November 18, 2020

Many of us on the Wixted & Company training team have television news backgrounds.  It was fascinating to be in the TV studio – especially when watching the meteorologists do their thing in front of the bright lights and the big green screen.  Not only do these men and women have to predict and report on the weather, they have to present it multiple times every night in front of thousands of viewers – and keep a close eye on Super Duper Doppler!

If you think about it, the television weather segment is really an enhanced PowerPoint presentation. TV meteorologists are rarely surprised by the next weather map or graphic because they work hard at knowing their material and crafting their weathercast. They always know what’s on the next “slide.” As a presenter in front of an audience or on a Zoom call, you should too!

Audiences want presenters who are engaging, not simply good readers. At Wixted & Company, we believe that effective use of PowerPoint enhances the messages you are delivering – a slide deck should be the side dish, not the main course. We teach our clients one simple mantra – “LEAD the slide; don’t READ the slide.” This forces you to know your material.

Every time you use PowerPoint, you’re asking the audience members to choose what they’re going to pay attention to. Think about the really good presentations you’ve been a part of this year. What stood out? Was it a random slide in a deck full of information? Or was it the presenter telling a compelling story that really hit home? I’ll bet you remember the speaker, not the slide.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to pare down your slide deck. If you’re relying on dozens and dozens of slides to communicate, you’re probably not connecting with your audience as a leader. So every time you add a new slide, remove an old one. You don’t want your deck to become a content glacier.

For more help with PowerPoint, let the team at Wixted & Company ready you for your next important presentation.