A Client Turned Team Member: The View from Both Sides

November 24, 2020

Before coming to work at Wixted & Company, I had an opportunity to engage their communication services when my organization was facing challenging times. I had been in marketing and public relations my entire career but never had the need to engage an outside firm. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how they might be able to help me. After all, I knew my organization better than they did, right?

It didn’t take me long to see the value. After thoroughly reviewing what I had already written, they spent time asking me insightful questions and really pushed me look at the situation through an outside lens.

Still, I pushed back. However, instead of the “our way or the highway” response, the questions I posed deepened the conversation as we talked through the perspectives of each of my primary and secondary stakeholders. Wixted valued my history and background, and I learned to trust their discernment and objectivity around a complex issue.

Unencumbered by the internal swirl, their impartial counsel proved invaluable. The result was a product that delivered the news directly but with a built-in sensitivity toward those impacted. A communication experience we were both proud of.

Now that I am on the other side of the equation as a Communications Advisor for Wixted & Company, I find myself working with a diverse array of clients on a variety of communication opportunities and challenges. I use my unique perspective as former client to listen, learn and ultimately, provide the same level of investment that served me so well.

When I was the client, what I didn’t see was the amount of experience and collaboration that went on behind each of our conversations. Many clients are facing a once-in-a-career issue but at Wixted, that is what we do every day. I am humbled by the depth of knowledge and expertise up and down our hallways. It is that collective perspective that allows us to successfully assist our clients through each of their individual situations.

As someone that has been on the giving and receiving ends of Wixted & Company’s communication services, I can confidently tell you the strategic direction and individualized attention you receive is genuine and tailored to your needs. As the client, you should expect nothing less.



By Jill Johnson:

With more than 30 years of experience in communications, marketing, brand development and client service, Jill understands how to create and deliver messages that are strategic and on-point. In her role as Communications Advisor, she assists clients with the development of internal and external messaging. Jill earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Simpson College in Communications and Public Relations.