Video Services


Video Content with Purpose.

Wixted & Company’s video services create an effective way for our clients to share important messages with their key audiences. From company overviews and executive highlight videos to product launches and informational business productions, we work with clients to develop videos that resonate with viewers.

As communication strategists and messaging experts, our videos marry strong visual appeal with well-crafted messages that align with organizational objectives. Our video services help clients accomplish their business goals, whether those goals are to increase sales, make executive teams more accessible to the general public or issue an apology message in a time of crisis.

Working with our clients, Wixted & Company takes the video process from concept to completion, developing a script, story board and visual theme. We then pair those elements with talented videographers and producers to create high-quality videos in multiple formats.

Whether the final product is meant to be shared in a presentation, on the web or via television, you can trust Wixted & Company to create a video that will not only wow the audience, but deliver the organization’s intended message in a relatable and visually engaging way.