Crisis Communication

Crisis Management - Incident Response

Crisis Communication Experts at the Ready.

Our experienced crisis communication team members partner with organizations during low-frequency, high-risk events when the stakes are high. Working together, we provide a strategy to develop the message platform, communication plan and training needed to manage an issue, incident or crisis situation. From hostile television interviews to print reporter calls, congressional testimony to investor conferences, we have the knowledge and experience to position your organization in a way that protects your brand and reputation.

Our crisis response team has over 20 years of experience in handling a variety of situations, from wrong-site surgery to corrosion on a nuclear reactor. Working alongside organization leadership, we assess the situation, provide counsel in-line with existing business plans, and develop a communication strategy and plan to ensure an organization’s voice remains authentic through a crisis situation.

Specialized Crisis Communication Offerings.

  • Incident Response Plan: When an urgent communication need arises, Wixted & Company stands ready to help clients create a quick, user-friendly plan and messaging to manage an issue or incident before it escalates and becomes a crisis.
  • Issues Management Plan: Our issues management plans and training programs encompass intense strategy, simulation, practice and critique to help your organization keep external relations activities focused on high-priority challenges or opportunities. By prioritizing and addressing policy and reputation issues, Wixted & Company can help you positively impact public perception and, ultimately, the success of your business.
  • Crisis Communication Plan: We partner with national and international organizations to develop crisis communication plans that can act as a playbook when the unexpected occurs. Spending time with organization leadership to determine issues and risks, our team puts together an actionable document that will lead an organization through a crisis, including the communication strategy, stakeholders, messaging, protocol, media list and pre-approved holding statements for a variety of scenarios.
  • Crisis Communication Training: The nature of a crisis situation calls into account the very livelihood of an organization, often creating an environment in which it is difficult to come to a consensus on communication-related matters. Our Crisis Communication Training program offers participants the opportunity to skill-build and strategize a communication position within a realistic setting. Whatever the circumstance, participants will leave with the skills needed to build credibility and trust when they are needed the most.