Communication Training

Media Training - lecture, discussion and on-camera exercises

Tailored Media & Presentation Training.

At Wixted & Company, our communication training programs are intense “boot camps” for participants to build skills and see results in just one session. Our training programs encompass a diverse range of topics, from media to presentation and beyond, and are delivered in a personalized, positive environment. Wixted trainers provide an experience that is highly interactive, and each of our programs combines lecture, discussion and on-camera exercises to help participants learn how to respond to the most uncomfortable questions with clarity and confidence. Wixted & Company has trained thousands of spokespersons—from small business owners and healthcare providers to elected officials and Fortune Top 500 executives. Our ability to customize our training programs to fit specific needs is well-documented and is one of our strengths.

Unique to Wixted & Company’s Media Training programs is our press corps, a group of former journalists from across the United States who are employed by the firm. With these individuals leading training, our participants are able to test their newly acquired skills on unfamiliar reporters in realistic situations and with absolute confidentiality.

A Communication Training Program for Every Need.

  • Media Training: Whether it is an interview on TODAY to tout a new product, or responding to an issue via local outlets, our Media Training program gives leaders the ability to conduct an interview with confidence, understand the nuances of today’s media landscape, and know where they have control in the process.
  • Crisis Communication Training: The nature of a crisis situation calls into account the very livelihood of an organization, often creating an environment in which it is difficult to come to a consensus on communication. Our Crisis Communication Training program offers participants the opportunity to skill-build and strategize a communication position within a realistic setting. Whatever the circumstance, participants will leave with the skills needed to build credibility and trust when they are needed most.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Training: From the boardroom to the newsroom, Stakeholder Engagement Training allows participants to see how audience analysis can help develop a message that will resonate in any situation. Leaders know that in order to build consensus, all important stakeholders, not just the media, need to be involved. This training provides the skills necessary to interact with various types of audiences while advancing organizational goals.
  • Presentation Training: The most influential leaders know presentations are a platform to establishing thought leadership and industry presence. Our Presentation Training programs help leaders to build the skills needed to develop a strong voice and deliver a clear message.
  • Custom Training Programs: Wixted can provide your team with a customized training session to meet any communication need, including coaching sessions for executives and leaders. We work with internal communication teams to deliver a curriculum to meet specific goals, providing an experience that prepares participants to succeed in real-life situations.