Agribusiness communication and counsel

Communication Services Tailored to Today’s Agriculture Landscape.

Once an industry that operated largely under the communication radar, technological advancements, animal welfare, cost competitiveness, product differentiation, health concerns, consumer pressures, governmental regulations and more have placed agricultural businesses squarely in the public eye. By having a sound communication strategy and plan in place, your leadership can effectively shape and preserve your organization’s image in the marketplace. That’s where Wixted & Company comes in.

We work with large-scale farming operations, agriculture companies, livestock producers, processing facilities, food manufacturers and others to provide strategic communication and counsel, communication planning, incident response, issues management and training.

Agriculture Crisis Communication.

Knowing what to say when the stakes are high is important, which is why Wixted & Company is your go-to resource for crisis communication planning. We provide specific measures for responding to unanticipated events such as chemical or fertilizer spills, undercover videos or on-site accidents. Delivered in advance, crisis communication planning will enable your people to respond with confidence to the news media, manage risk down and make the event a one-day story, so we offer a wide range of services. This includes:

  • Crisis Communication Plan Development
  • Crisis Communication Drilling
  • Media & Crisis Communication Training
  • Rapid Response Strategy Development

For more information on communication services geared specifically to the needs of agribusiness, please contact us now.