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Newsletter – Written Communication – February 2017

I was a member of the golf team during college. When I think about writing for different audiences, I can often relate it to that experience. As a competitive golfer, you need different clubs, skills and knowledge to be successful on the course. The same is true when writing. Depending on your audience, you have to do things differently so your message plays effectively. Here is the newsletter.


Newsletter – February 2017


In this edition of On the Record, we share with you a video about the power of video, showcasing how this medium can work to reach audiences that are busy, overstimulated and text resistant. Here is the video.


 Holiday Newsletter – December 2016


Happy holidays and a joyous New Year from your friends at Wixted & Company! Enjoy our 12 Days of Christmas Communication Cornerstones in this edition of On the Record. Here is the video.


Newsletter –  September 2016

Preparing for presentations can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. At Wixted & Company, we’ve spent more than two decades helping leaders become better communicators. As we see in this edition of On The Record, as you prepare your next speech, make sure you first know your audience. Here is the video.


Article – Congressional Tribute – September 2016

Mr. YOUNG of Iowa. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate and recognize Eileen Wixted, Owner and Principal for Wixted & Company for being named a 2016 Women of Influence honoree as CAPTRUST Woman Business Owner of the Year by the award-win- ning central Iowa publication, Business Record. Here is the article.


Article – Creating a Crisis Plan – September 2016

Eileen Wixted founded Wixted and Company, in Iowa, a strategic communications firm that focuses on media training and crisis management for a wide variety of clients, including agribusinesses. Here are the questions she suggests farmers consider well before the news media comes knocking at their doors. Here is the article.


Newsletter – August 2016

At Wixted & Company, we’re often asked how a company or business can successfully communicate with the media. The challenges can be many but as we hear in this edition of On The Record, the best place to start is with a solid understanding of how the media works. Here is the video.


Article – Women Business Owner of the Year – July 2016

Eileen Wixted tells her staff to make friends wherever they go, whether they are at the McDonald’s drive-thru or navigating the security check at an airport. “It will enrich your life because a rich, rewarding life is one in which you build strong relationships,” Wixted said. “It is not a transactional world. People are interested in you.” Here is the article.


Newsletter – May 2016


If a crisis strikes your organization tomorrow, what will you say? If you’re like many leaders, that’s not the first question you’d ask. Find out more about the risks of only focusing on operations when the unthinkable happens. We hope you enjoy this edition of On the RecordHere is the video.


Article – Dealing With a Crisis – March 2016

An explosion killed two people at the Biocom Energia biodiesel plant in Valencia, Spin during routine work being done on an empty tank. According to Lauri Freking, the incident should remind the biofuels industry about the importance of conducting safety drills that include communication plans. Here is the article.


Newsletter – March 2016

On the Record

Welcome to this edition of On the Record. Today our focus is on the importance of tone and approach. We hope you enjoy the video. Here is the video.


Article – Planning Ahead – February 2016

“The more shocking the claim, the more it has the potential to attract attention,” explains Jeff Guant, communications advisor and trainer with Wixted & Company, which has helped clients develop crisis plans and activate those plans for 25 years.  Here is the article.


Newsletter – February 2016 

On the Record

Welcome to the first episode of Wixted & Company’s On the Record video newsletter. As you know, the way we communicate today is changing. Information is fast-paced and available at our fingertips 24/7. In 2016, it is our hope to engage you through informative communication videos on a regular basis. Here is the video.


Article – Food Safety Crisis – January 2016

So how can the food industry react to a food safety crisis while retaining the support of shareholders, employees, and customers? By being prepared before the crisis happens. Here is the article.


Article – Agribusiness Crisis Plan – December 2015

A recent ZimmComm poll asked the question, “Does your agribusiness/operation have a crisis communications plan?” and I was surprised and honestly a bit disturbed as a former public relations person, that so many respondents didn’t believe a crisis communications plan was necessary. Here is the article.


Article – “Missing Johnny” Documentary – December 2012

Besides Noreen Gosch, those interviewed included her former husband and Johnny’s father John Gosch Sr., convicted child molester Paul Bonacci (who confirmed his role in Johnny’s abduction), West Des Moines Police Lt. Cam Coppes, retired police Capt. Bob Rushing, and Eileen Wixted and Frank Santiago, reporters for WHO-TV and the Des Moines Register, respectively, who covered the then 12-year-old’s disappearance. Here is the article.